These watches take into account the refined design of special mechanisms and updated aesthetics. They are at the cutting edge of technology and their designs pay attention to the smallest details so that all eyes are on them. Both analogue and digital designs are objects of desire, although their style varies considerably from model to model. Versatility is the spice of life and the digital watch is one of the coolest, most casual and modern everyday looks. You can wear it with leggings, a basic T-shirt, an open plaid shirt and trainers. On the other hand, analogue models go perfectly with sophisticated and very elegant outfits in which simple shirts, blazers, suit jackets, lace-up shoes and, as accessories, cufflinks and ties are the most important things. Choose your look according to the moment and wear the latest fashions.


Reinterpret your look with these exceptional timepieces

Ultra-modern watches with the largest cases and leather, steel or silicone straps ooze style. They have all been created to suit the modern man and his needs. As a result, many of these creations have been designed in their digital versions to allow any movement to take place. In fact, these designs have several very useful functions, from stopwatch to date display to backlight and even, nowadays, most are water resistant. On the other hand, pointer watches tend to have a very chic look and are essentially defined by the concept of luxury.





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