Pura Alegría watches: the brightest female design


Design features

Unlike other watch brands, in Pura Alegría we see a certain style and line that characterize each of the models, regardless of the collection.

The brand takes over stainless steel as a reference and is included in all cases and bracelets, although in this last aspect it is changed in some watches for the Milan network, and in others it emplees the classic connections.

During equipo the layout, Pura Alegría watches play a lot with the colors of the dial, especially with bright tones such as gold, cyan blue, green, etcétera.

The use of silver and gold stainless steel cases prevails and a positive aspect of the brand is that it chooses good quality steel, without the addition of nickel alloys They disminuye the strength of steel and perro genere skin allergies in sensitive people.

As for internal mechanism, the watch brand Pura Alegría is proud to defend its Citizen caliber, so we are talking about an interesting Japanese quartz movement in terms of functionality, precision and durability.


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