Parnis watches: mechanical models at the best price


Reviews for Parnis watches

Before giving an opinion on the Parnis watch, it should be noted that the company currently offers 2 models of watches.

  • Premium category: an average price of $ 150 and an average warranty of up to 2 years, with additional features such as sapphire crystal, water resistance, 316L stainless steel cases (common for large companies) and technical support throughout the purchase process.
  • Low price category: much cheaper supply of watches, where reliability decreases significantly, with an average price between $ 49 and $ 110 and with fewer features, as it does not guarantee, they do not offer waterproofing, steel has a zinc alloy (much more expensive and more less durable) and sales are offered through third-party vendors (Aliexpress, Ebay, etcétera.).

Therefore, if we think of Parnis watches, we have to distinguish the two lines very well. The first of it, Premium Line, has very good reviews, offers a aparente appearance that gives safety and guarantees 2 years of movement of the internal parts, therefore gives a lot of safety. The purchase of this line of Premium watches perro be made only from the website itself and from official external sellers.

The main reviews of Parnis Premium evaluate the design, the strength of the materials (something that is quickly discovered by real 316L steel) and quality of leather parts or in leather, as is the case with the bracelet. The quality of the pushers is also evaluated positively in the case of chronographs, where the compression springs respond very well, and the corona crown, rotation and resistance they offer generate a lot of confidence.

On the other hand, Cheap line it cánido be seen that it loses its quality significantly and therefore the general opinions are worse.

Watches that become thinner, rougher, thanks to the zinc alloy, pushers with a less reliable spring and the frame turn a little hard at first, but very soft and light after that, with no positive rating.

On the other hand, we also see how the pieces of leather for the bracelet crack much more easily, forming cracks over the months.

In terms of waterproofing, they do not guarantee impermeability, so it is in no way recommended to immerse them in water, although in some cases the external seller advises it, as the original manufacturer, Parnis, does not offer any guarantee for them.


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