Daniel Wellington looks: discover Swedish minimalism


Basic opinions of the brand

The Daniel Wellington watch brand is well-established on the market and well known to the end usuario.

The concept of watches of this brand is used for everyday use and in general there are very good reviews, because the minimalist aesthetics prevents us from quickly getting bored of the design.


The design is frankly easy to detalla this brand. Many times it is difficult for us to try to find a common ground between the collections of a brand, but in the case of Daniel Wellington it is very difficult to go beyond the line he marks.

The summary of the design is the use of a minimalist and fácil style, using neutral colors such as white or black in most models, slightly offensive and clean dial with almost no additives and steel, leather bracelets. Or nylon, according to your wishes to offer a more sporty, urban or vintage style of the watch.

Therefore, the use of different materials in the bracelet is what determines that the design has a more classic style (with a leather strap in dark tones) or that it has a more youthful style (with a bracelet in dark tones). Nylon in different colors).


We have reviewed and deepened the average opinions that buyers of these watches evaluate in terms of quality. When we talk about quality, the concept of sensations is often introduced. Touch, weight, brightness and a number of things that are difficult to detalla, but which determine us to classify a watch with value.

In the case of Daniel Wellington watches, the reviews for their quality are very positive. The best reviews focus on the quality offered by the bracelet, because as you know different types of leather cánido be found on the market. And with a bracelet we are talking about leather, steel and something that we find in many models, nylon or textiles.

On the other hand, the feeling that the crown gives when turning is safe, it works very well with the movement, something difficult and especially grateful, with a Japanese quartz mechanism that rarely leaves us.

Value for money

We perro summarize that Daniel Wellington watches currently have very good reviews and ratings. Of the models we looked at earlier, it has an average rating of 4.83 out of 5, with the average rating in some cases exceeding 300 reviews.

The average prices For the most representative models of the brand, it is between 80 € and 100 €, an economical option for gifts, everyday use and with a very habitual Japanese caliber.

Therefore, in our estimation, it is in the appropriate price range, although you would not pay more than $ 150 for any of them, as cánido be found in some specific stores or models.


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