DKNY watch guide and model catalog



Founded in 1984 by designer Donna Karan, it began in the spirit of being fashion brand for young and modern women with reasonable and affordable prices for almost every pocket, without reaching the levels of crowded traditional shops.

They will be added later, as is usual in this type of business, lines related to accessories, fashion for men, children and babies, jewelry and perfumes, where it is currently a real reference picture (you have certainly already seen its original apple-shaped containers).

For its part, watch section, the manager and source of inspiration is the late husband of the designer, Stefan Weiss, singer and rapper. Inspired by city watches with a fácil and elegant design, they are made of quality materials that are also light, creating the feeling that you are wearing only a fácil wrist bracelet.

In the early 2000s, the company was bought by the mammoth group LVMH, dedicated mainly to luxury, which gave it a new face and expanded the company to the current situation, in which more than seventy exclusive stores They are spread all over the world.

Due to the great popularity and demand for smartwatches, DKNY released its first hybrid model of smartwatches in 2017, which combines the features of smartwatches with the unmistakable urban and elegant style of DKNY watches.


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