Olivia Burton Watches: A Model Comparison Guide


Basic opinions of the brand

Although Olivia Burton watches have been on the market for a short time (practically from 2011-2012), they have managed to create a trend and place some of their models in the best-selling, even above the brands that are currently more than famous and weight. on the market.

This brand bases its sales on the exclusivity of its creations and the personal touch that these two friends have created in their collections, where vintage, minimalist style and exclusive and avant-garde design with dials in floral tones predominate.

The the best reviews from verified buyers They are related to their design, the lightness of the watches and their comfort. In general, there is a good assessment of the accuracy of the Japanese quartz, which they install in some models, the drive of the parts and the sense of security during installation.

Value for money

In terms of price, Olivia Burton's line of watches is in the range between 80 and 140 euros, with the largest number of models priced below 100 euros or at least the most attractive.

As it is, we are talking about paying a price more than just a design that is actually exceptional and has a very personal attitude. Regarding the quality of the watch, we are talking about careful workmanship and the choice of quality materials.


We often meet brands that do not keep their own style and we find in their collections a wide variety of models without common points. This is not the case with Olivia Burton, where you just have to look at one of her watches to find out which brand it is and its design line is very well defined.


These are watches from fácil appearance, low thickness, thin body and generally small in size. We found models with a diameter of 38 mm and others with significantly smaller dimensions, between 30 and 33 mm. The colors are dominated by gold and rose gold primer. When in doubt, the brand's preferred material is stainless steel.


In conjunction with tapesIn principle, there are two types of them and they perfectly match the design of the box and the contents of the dial. Olivia Burton's most widely used watch strap is leather, which emplees a wide variety of colors, with the classic buckle fastening. This model also reduces the width of the strap, which makes the arrangement of the watch on the wrist more practical and more comfortable.

On the other hand, we also find in some collections the inclusion of a Milanese type bracelet, also very comfortable to wear and a little more practical than the traditional one with ties. In this case, the closure is usually the usual for steel bracelets, with a clic and a security system.


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