Certina DS PH200M Powermatic 80: viewing guide


Certina has always been a specialist in diving watches and has been producing them for many years. With the Certina DS PH200M, the Swiss brand wanted to revive a Diver-type watch designed for diving adventurers.

With this updated edition we wanted to present a new generation of models with automatic caliber with the highest reliability, but without losing the essence of its origin and its vintage style.

In fact, to preserve the classic essence of the previous model, the new Certina DS PH2000M includes crystal of hessalite with domed edges, in the same way as the original DS model introduced to the public in 1967. This glass has been improved to enhance its characteristics, thus including the new NEX Scratchguard anti-scratch coating to further increase scratch resistance. and strikes.

Certina DS PH200M

The importance of DS is related to Double Security, a Certina-certified process for certifying the impermeability and water resistance that the watch must have, which withstands depths over 200 meters.

The main features of this system are the thick rubber seal, which prevents movement inside the box. This guarantees 100% water resistance, as well as a damping effect from any impact or sudden movement that we perro genere on the watch.

This system was so pioneering in its time that it continues to operate under the same protection system today, from 1959 to the present day.

Something they also wanted to keep from the Certina DS PH200M is the design of the dial. the beveled line and even the shape of the helical crown. In fact, the most striking thing is the absolute resemblance to the traditional version of more than 50 years ago.

What has changed is that the size of the box has been increased to improve the look of the watch in depth and low visibility.


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