The best Duward watches


The Duward watches have always been a brand with a history well recognized by our grandparents.

Of course, in fact, what we still find in the drawer of comfortable automatic models Duward with Swiss movement and mechanics.

The workmanship has changed over the last 50 years, they have undergone significant design changes, where a more modernized look is sought and adapted to current needs and tastes.

Today, the brand has lost its popularity compared to yesterday, but is still very much alive, offering Swiss models (not all) with good value for money.

The Duward watches They are based on a design related to sports and racing themes, with dials that try to mimic in some of their collections the control panel of a racing car or racing motorcycle.

The top Duward watches

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Duward watches offer an extensive collection of watches based on the sporty look and theme of racing and speed.

Just looking at the name of their catalogue gives you an idea of what we are talking about. For example, the Duward watches from the Montmelo, Aquastar, Silverstone, Le Mans, Jerez or Carrera collections are worth mentioning.


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