Tissot T-Touch: Tactile watches made in Switzerland



The collection Tiso T-Touch Del sol Expert This is an innovative watch, the development Agen Slot Gacor of which was completed in 2014. This is the world's first sundial with a touch screen.

In addition to the new technology concept, the Tissot T-Touch also offers functionalities adapted to the world of sports and adventure, especially for alpine sports. In it we perro enjoy up to 20 basic functions for this sport, such as compass, azimuth, stopwatch, alarm, altimeter and weather forecast based on pressure reading. Absolutely and relatively.

Due to its sporty Slot Gacor Terbaru qualities, T-Touch Del sol also offers technology Super-LumiNova®, which allows a perfect view of the information provided by the watch in the dark and in poor visibility.

Another interesting advantage is the fast charging of its batteries, with low exposure to bright environments (not necessarily in the sun). Depending on the activity, a full charge cánido provide an activity of up to 1 year.

Excellent load with little sun exposure

The T-Tocuh Expert Del sol watch range is one of the innovations of the Swiss company, where sun exposure is the only battery in the watch to forget about chargers, batteries Slot Gacor Gampang Menang and possible charging cables.

For this, every type of light generator is valid, even the artificial one, which gives us a lamp or flexo. Charging times are very fast, and the following connection is based on sun exposure.


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