Guide to buying gasoil watches


Gasoil design, the most attractive point

If we are looking for a word that perro define gasoil watches, this is so design. This is the number one foundation on which the manufacturer relies, making an innovative bet and to this day irreplaceable by any brand.

We cannot say the opposite. These watches are extravagant. While it is true that by deepening its catalog we find fewer bold and everyday possibilities for use, the truth is that Gasoil's bestsellers are presented in oversized chronographs and striking aesthetics.

If we choose the top 5 gasoil watches, the chronographs are the ones that occupy the first positions. Design based on a large dial, with 3 additional dials on the left side to compensate for the protection of the crown on the left side, consisting of 2 plates in the same color as the box. At the top the logotipo in the text of the brand, and at the bottom the water resistance of the watch (10 ATM for chronographs).

Therefore, we are talking about a folding clock, generally easy to read, but with many components that visually yes, this they are balanced.

Oversized watches

The differential value of Gasoil is that in order to integrate the design chosen by the manufacturer, it needs box diameters that they rarely fall below 50 mm. In fact, it is common for chronographs to measure between 54 and 56 mm, including the crown.

That's why we are talking about a great watch that is only suitable for large wrists and buyers ready to wear a clock that stands out.

We also need to talk about weight, we are talking about> 200 grams and up to 250 gramsso it perro be heavy so as not to be thick.

Price scale

As in the design we talked about earlier, Gasoil's real bet is based on creating a catalog of watches with highly segmented design. In other words, it is not based on mass sales for all audiences, but rather focuses on buyers who like attractive options.

Although Gasoil does not offer very cheap watches, it works in the range between 150 and 300 euros. Chronographs are the most valuable, finding options between 180 and 280 euros for the latest and newly added versions on the market.


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