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Police watches have been fashionable as fashion accessories for years, but how good are they actually? Are they worth it?

For 30 years, the police have been promoted by Slot Online celebrities such as Bruce Willis and David Beckham from entrepreneurial projects.

The brand began producing sunglasses, but soon expanded into other fashion elementos, including watches. Currently, this area is one of the most effective.

This adds a fair price, as police watches are usually well-made and contain high-quality components such as the Japanese movement.

Given the brand's current popularity, it deserves an in-depth look at the best Police watches available today.

The best-selling police watches

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✚ Police watch. The internal history of the brand.

The origins of the police as a brand date back to 1978, when the DeRigo brothers decided to create Charme Lunettes in Limana, Italy.

The company, which employs about 30 people, initially produced frames and sunglasses for other companies, but it didn't take long to make DeRigo glasses and lenses.

Police movie clock

So the DeRigo brothers decided in 1983 to create the Police brand, which sells designer sunglasses inspired by the fashion world.

The iniciativa is so successful that sunglasses are no longer just an eye protection product, but the desired fashion accessory.

After expanding the sunglasses market in 1997, we began to expand into other products and began to genera fragrances. Shortly afterwards, in 2003, a curfew arrived.

Police watches quickly became famous, thanks to the unique and extremely original style of the time and the current commercial contracts of the brand with largo producers and celebrities.

The company produces official watches for movies such as Terminator Genesis and Terminator Salvation, highly aggressively designed tracks and a predecessor to the famous Police Skull Watch.

Actors such as Bruce Willis, George Clooney and Antonio Banderas were ambassadors of the Judi Slot Online, but there are also many jugadores such as David Beckham and Neymar Jr.

With their ideas, the De Rigo brothers revolutionized the world of fashion and paved the way for other brands, but their unique and bold designs will continue to be talked about in the coming years ...

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Is the Police watch well monitored?

Aside from the fame of Police-branded watches, the truth is that this is no ordinary watch factory, but a fashion company that outsources the production of the watches it designs.

Double time police watch

This does not orinan poor quality and in fact tends to choose both the manufacturer and the components of each design, but not watch brands such as Casio, Seiko and Swatch.

For example, it is not uncommon to see Japanese Miyota machines in branded quartz watches. Cheap, high-quality movement, which guarantees the proper functioning of the watch.

Stainless steel is used for cases and straps, and calfskin is used for leather bracelets. It may not be as cheap as a Chinese watch, but nothing in this brand is made of brass.

The glass is usually a mineral type, hard enough to withstand everyday use and has excellent visibility so you cánido see the scope of the design.

However, most police-branded watches offer excellent durability with an original design that will not remain indifferent to anyone.

So, if you are looking for a modern watch that not only attracts attention, but also withstands time, this brand cánido be a good choice.

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The best police watches

Some of the brand's best designs are inspired by movies and hit series, but they are limited to special editions and are not always easy to find.

Their skull models are also very habitual, but the company has a wide variety of designs for both men and women. Here are some of the best.

➤ Police watch with a skull

Calavera police watch

Many brands make watches using the skulls that adorn the dial, but few reach the level of design that the police have, adding the quality that the stamps print on each piece.

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Not to be confused with the skeletal watches (aparente machines) that this Situs Judi Slot Online has in different collections.

➤ The police monitor the men

Men's police watch

Given the size of most watches of this brand (often over 45 mm in diameter), this is for men.

This is not to say that there are no models specifically designed for women, but the variety of models for men is clearly superior.

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In 2020, the dual-time design stands out in especial, offering a dual time zone on one of the many additional dials.

➤ The police monitor the women

Police are monitoring the women

The company's women's watches feature brilliant tones and crystals, many of which are still quite large.

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Large watches are part of the brand's style, but their extravagant design is about to attract attention at any cost.

✚ Price and opinion

The police are one of the fashion brands that get the best reviews for their watches and in fact it is very difficult to find criticism of their design.

The watch is well made, contains excellent components and is shown in the reputation of the brand.

On the other hand, in terms of price, quality also pays off, so I don't expect to buy at the price offered by the Chinese brand, but it's not that expensive.


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