A guide to the best Garmin heart rate monitors


Why choose Garmin heart rate monitors?

Garmin is a reference brand heart rate monitor that they are gaining their privileged place among sports professionals.

This company was engaged until relatively recently almost in exclusively in the manufacture of GPS, integrating satellite geolocation into cars, proyectos and boats.

Therefore, it offers higher GPS quality estándares than other brands currently sought after in sports watches or smartwatches. And this is something that cánido be seen in the price.

In general, the choice of Garmin is determined by the practice of sports, as this brand explores options much more interesting than those offered by watches for everyday use, including such well-known brands as Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei and many others. “Others.

If you meet these conditions and you have decided select the Garmin heart rate monitor, you will now entrar the game to select one of its entire catalog. Something important is to analyze whether you want it for a single activity (works for example) or multisport. For example, the Garmin 235 option only includes the running option, which offers very good performance, history, GPS tracking and long, and so on. However, you will not have the opportunity if you escoge to go out on a bike or swim.


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