Rosefield watches: compare and buy


Basic opinions of the brand

Rosefield is a watch brand established in this market and in the world of design for many years, with over 400,000 followers on Instagram and in the market of shopping trends.


The main style of Rosefield watches is based on minimalism and avant-garde, with fácil, well-made models and in some cases a classic and vintage approach.

In creating their collections, they are based on street and neighborhood motifs that have determined the trends in New York. Therefore, his goal is always to create original pieces, with their own design line and fácil configurations.

For this reason, Rosefield usually abandons the use of dial numbering, replacing it with fácil indicators in the form of a line every 5 minutes or, as we saw in some previous models, with simpler lines that mark every minute.

Rosefield watches tend to have preferences use of solid materialslike steel. For this reason, it is common to see options for bracelets with ties, the classics used by most brands, as well as those in the Milan network, something that is being used more and more as it reduces the final weight of the watch. Espectáculos and allows greater adaptation. on the wrist.

However, this does not orinan that there are specific Rosefield watches with leather or velvet straps, especially for models where one wants to introduce a more classic and retro approach, as is the case with The Bowery collection.


One aspect to which Rosefield has paid much attention is to acquire the sense of quality that comes with upbringing. These details are found in the feel of the case, the pressure of the crown and the leather and velvet materials of the strap.

One aspect that should be appreciated is that Rosefield watches are not just based on a design with a beautiful case. Its interior also offers features to become a quality option. With a not very high price, he managed to present the classic Japanese movement Miyota, which offers such good value for money on the market and for which more and more designer brands are betting on it.

Value for money

The average price of watches, depending on the collection, is between 70 and 110 euros. This figurine covers a very interesting niche to offer, with a good purchase option and a watch model that perro be adapted for everyday use thanks to its comfort and low thickness.

One of the best selling watches is Rosefield QWSR-Q01 from the collection Boxy, in a different format with a square case and a winger style in rose gold and pearl white dial.


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