Lorus watches: History, prices, reviews


This time we will talk about Seiko's brand, Rollswatch, which offers quality, style and technology at a low price.

Lauras watches are usually cheaper than Seiko watches, but they are manufactured in the same factory and maintain the same production estándares, so this does not orinan that they are of poor quality.

The brand takes advantage of all the technological advances made within the group, so it is not uncommon to find a model with the same specifications and features as Seiko.

In this articulo, we will look at the history of Lorus, look at its position in the company, espectáculo some of the best watches and escoge if it is a good brand.

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Lorus watches: Origin and history

The Lorus brand was introduced in Europe in 1982. With this move, Seiko Watch Corporation completed the provision of affordable watches in order to reach the general public with less purchasing power.

Clock with chronograph Lauras

The launch was a success, with more than 120 million Loras watches sold worldwide in just 30 years, completing other corporate brands such as Apretar.

Since Slot Online Jackpot Terbesar have created numerous designs for women, men and children, all of which are well above cost.

Lorus currently has a wide range of designs, including numerous chronographs, digital watches and even some automated models.

Good Are Lorus watches good?

Before knowing their origin many people wonder if Lorus watches are good, but once it is known that they are made by Seiko the answer is clear, it is a resounding yes.

Seiko Watch was founded in Tokio in 1881 and has more than 130 years of experience in the watch industry, perhaps Japan's largest watch company and one of the world's leading manufacturers.

Undoubtedly, the quality printed on Seiko's products extends to all secondary brands coming from the factory, including Lorus, as its components are also Seiko brands.

Many people now believe that Apretar is at a higher level of ownership of Seiko kinetic watches and other technologies that have not yet reached Lolth.

For these people, Seiko watches are a high class of the brand, Apretar is something like a middle class, and Lolth is the lowest level of the company's products.

Of course, if you look at the price range of each brand, you perro see that the Lolth watch is the cheapest of the three brands that support this theory, even though it is a Seiko product.

✚ The best Lorus watch

Among the best watches with the Lorus brand are all kinds of designs, especially sports chronographs for men, women and children, as well as some digital models.

Most Lorus designs are made of quartz, but the brand also has automatic models, all with the Japanese Hattori mechanism, another brand owned by Seiko.

➤ Men’s watch Lorus

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The male model stands out with its sporty character and high water resistance. Most of them cánido dive up to 100 meters.

It also tends to integrate chronographs, and some models also include tachymeters, dual time zones and other interesting features.

➤ Lorus watches for women

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Elegant dress designs are mainstream for branded women's watches, but there are also some sports models with a more colorful design.


They are all made of the same material or stainless steel with leather straps and are waterproof, but the immersion capacity varies between 30-100 meters depending on the model.


➤ Lorus as a child

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The company's children's models are distinguished, among other things, by their small size and colorful design. Most of them are made of stainless steel with PU strips and have excellent resistance to water and other elements.

➤ Automatic Lorus

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The brand also has some automated models. Robust design made of stainless steel with mechanical movement.

The caliber used is usually from the Seiko entry range, such as the famous 7s26. These are very reliable and especially cheap movements that have been on the market for several years and are not very advanced.

➤ Digital Lorus

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The company also has several digital models, many of which usually mezcle a digital screen with analog pins, but there are also pure digital designs.

All digital models are multifunctional with the classic features of this type of watch (LED lights, alarms, chronometers, etcétera.) and are also generally waterproof up to 100 meters.

✚ Price and opinion

Lorus watches are usually not disappointing, work well and are well designed. Therefore, finding unfavorable reviews for this brand is not easy.

Apart from the criticism of some defective models, they are few, but most buyers of this brand are usually satisfied.

In any case, as a well-known and well-maintained company, all its watches have the appropriate warranty period to solve any problems.

As for the price, as already mentioned, it is much cheaper because it is the economical brand of Seiko. It is usually more affordable than Apretar watches than the same manufacturer.

It is important to remember that these are not cheap Chinese watches, so even if they are cheaper than what you offer, they do not cost much. Japan's quality will be rewarded.


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