Seiko Turtle: purchase guide and features


How the Seiko turtle fits on the wrist

A very important part of choosing a diving watch is to evaluate its design very well. And isn't Seiko the only one or the first one who decided to bet on a diving line. In fact, today you cánido find interesting diving watches for less than € 200, where you perro find brands like Vostok, Timex, Invicta, Orient or even some classic Seiko (Monster or SRP605K2).

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In terms of design, Seiko turtles offer beautiful features and attractiveness, especially due to the curious shape of the box, which does not look like the usual and which has earned the nickname of the community "turtles".

His concept meets the minimum specifications we bet on a diver's watch, where it should have a clear and easy to read dial, even in poor visual conditions, something completely different when diving.

Robustness and durability are options that should be included in the dictionary of the manufacturer of watches for divers, with a rigid frame and durable hard glass to any dents and scratches damaged during operation of heavy equipment.

In terms of size we are talking about a Housing diameter 44 mm, although it perro reach 45 mm, as it is not a perfect circumference and has an oval shape.

With this size, we may initially think it is excessive for heavy wrists. However, Seiko still has a deception strategy and does, by design or geometry, adapts well to each wrist. Of course, it should be noted that the waterproof characteristics and its impermeability, as well as a 4R36 automatic movement very well assembled in this catalog means that the average weight of the watch is 200 grams.

Although it has a clear oval geometry in the shape of a turtle when viewed from the front (to see the clocks), it is almost like a perfect circumference, as is usual in any watch.

May be due to crown layout, equipo to the hour index of 4 hours from the usual position 3. This leads our subconscious to believe that the clock has dimensions smaller than the real ones.

As for sizeWe are talking about 13 mm very well compensated and that they do not create too bulky effect. In fact, the Seiko tortoise is very often used for everyday use, facing the usual problem of wearing prominent watches and shirts with closed cuffs. You will not find any problem in this case.

Despite these magnificent 44 mm, the diameter of the dial is not much larger than that of the Seiko SKX saga, so once again a familiar memory embraces us and makes this size invisible. In fact, frame design It is very afín, with the classic triangle located on the 12 o'clock index and a small numbering that does not overload the visión and reading of the watch.

When other 45mm diameter diving watches look like this, Seiko Tortoise espectáculos a slightly smaller look that is beneficial for everyday use.

Another positive point is basic comfort with the wrist, where we are looking for a good contact surface that improves the feeling of warmth and security when worn.

This box adapts perfectly to the geometry and curvature of the wrist, which we really appreciate.

Design features

If you've ever owned a Seiko, you will not find a very different species in the turtle Seiko. In fact, the design is practically the same as that of the SKX collection.

The design of the dial is very common in Seiko, as unnumbered hour markers are replaced by photoluminescent circles and strongly bold hands of the clock for easy reading, as well as in aparente light.

In the 12, 9 and 6 o'clock markers we find a trapezoid, very different from the other circles, integrated in all parts of the dial, sensitive to the reading of LumiBrite marker To Seiko.

On the other hand, we like the inclusion of calendar with day and date in the index 3 hours, concave in a small window with a white background and black letters for high contrast and ease of reading.

The big difference in design found in the Seiko turtle is the geometry of the second hand. Although in other collections the counterweight comes in the form of a shovel, in this collection it lacks a counterweight and reverses the position, placing a LumiBrite circumference in the second drive.

Case, frame and bracelet

Turning to the analysis of these basic parts of the watch, we are talking about a large case or box, something common and almost obligatory in automatic diving watches.

It is most appropriate to speak of a "turtle" because of the shape of the carcass, very afín to that of the shell of this animal. This shape is typical of Seiko and is very little used in other brands of diving watches, as they prefer a more rounded and classic shape that all users accept.

The aspect del Seiko Tortuga does not innovate and emplees the classic formats that the Japanese brand emplees in other collections. Easy to read, functional, space saving and without many ornaments. In some cases, it even seems boring and many consumers want innovation.

However, we also have the opposite that they prefer to keep this design for centuries and centuries because it is part of Seiko identity mark.


The bracelet cánido be made of two materials. For more professional divers, you usually choose black rubber strap, very durable and offering more comfort and sporty design.

For more frequent use outside the water, the classic elabora of stainless steel for a connecting belt is the most common.

In the rubber strap we see a greater length than we are used to, and it is designed to be placed on the suit, so you need to give an plus dimension to make everything perfect.

Seiko turtle movement

Moving in Seiko Tortuga, simpler automations integrate caliber 4R35, and for models with calendar (day and date), caliber 4R36.

This caliber moves at 21,600 vibrations per hour, with a 40-hour power reserve.

In our design we wanted to offer additional quality and durability compared to precision, so we are talking about reliability of + -30 s / day. However, we have a watch and caliber for quite some time, as it is one of the strongest and most reliable Japanese Seiko mechanisms.

Seiko SRPA21K1 Analog silver men's watch made of stainless steel


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