Watches themselves: wearable with a sporty design


The appeal of Sami watches

Although the main competitor to Sami watches are the cheap models recently manufactured by Huawei or Xiaomi, this brand in the European headquarters and in the Chinese factory has chosen to offer a quality / price ratio suitable for low-end wear.

In them, it is true that we miss some of the proposed innovations, such as the Xiaomi Mi Band 4, which has undoubtedly conquered the entire low-cost market in terms of bracelets for activity.

In this case, we still lack a few sports features, becoming a watch for everyday use with basic functionality and a direct connection to a mobile phone, but you perro ask for a little more.


On the other hand, in terms of battery life, this falls within what most brands offer in the low-end market. We are talking about 350 miliamperio-hora for models with larger screens (square or round) and 100 miliamperio-hora for models with a narrow surface.

Value for money

It is true that the production and assembly of Sami watches takes place in China, as is the case with most of the bracelets for business, including Samsung, Apple and several others, on the Sami site we see that these are electronic components from Japanese and Korean houses, something positive compared to the European consumer estándar.

The touch screen works quite well, with a quick response without having to aerosol your finger on the screen.

Both the glass and the installation with the plastic tape look of good quality and without fragility, as well as the load connections with the connector and the cable.


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