The best watches from the Orient [Comparativa de precios]


Orient the best opinions

According to the East, something that should be appreciated by buyers is that it creates its own movements. In terms of sales, it should be borne in mind that in some of its models the value for money is indisputable, especially for automatic watches.

Another point to keep in mind is the attitude when assembling the watch. Most of its models have a strong character, very durable, which provide excellent service. This means that it perro be passed down from generation to generation without any problems.

All this is not surprising when we say that Orient is today the third largest watchmaker in Japan, after Seiko and Citizen.

When you buy an Orient watch, the decision is mainly on aesthetics, as in terms of mechanics and production it is one of the best brands in the world.

To give an example of your automatic clocks, the time deviation of a oriental model with a price not exceeding 200 € is +/- 3 s per day. This, compared to a Rolex, with a much higher price, is +/- 1 s per day.

That's why we talk about high quality watches, a prestige and pioneer of mechanical watches, who filed several patents, which we cánido take advantage of today.

For example, Rolex has a drift of +/- 1 sec. daily and even a little less. Some calibers of the Orient, such as 46A40, which has been on the market for several years and does not exceed +/- 3 seconds per day difference. Comparing this accuracy with that of quartz is ridiculous, but they are not comparable. Even the best automatic Rolex cánido't be compared to $ 20 quartz

IN oriental brand, its main collections are:

  • Classic: with more than 100 models with automatic movement and 15 quartz models.
  • Modern: With a more modern design line, this collection has 100 models with mechanical movement and 78 with a quartz mechanism.
  • Sports: The smallest collection in the Orient, with a strong presence of chronographs with mechanical movement.

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