The best MVMT watches Price comparison guide


The essence of the brand men's watches MVMT. Chronographic model with a large, polished and cut-out dial (with 3 additional dials that give it depth), in white and black markers for clear contrast.

The black stainless steel case is thin, with clear lines and right angles when attached to the bracelet.

The latter, in marked leather, with seams over a lighter color and buckle fastening.

The convenience of this chronograph lies in the thickness of 10 mm, which features a case that does not fall below 40 mm in width, which is why with the leather strap it adds a lot of comfort to the MVMT watch and guarantees its daily use.

In addition to the chronograph function, it includes the date located at the intermediate position between 4 and 5 o'clock.

  • Housing diameter: 40 mm
  • Housing width: 10 mm
  • Housing thickness: 20 mm

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