The best Mondaine watches: a guide to comparison and price

History of Mondaine watches

One of the most inspiring phrases that the Swiss brand Mondaine emplees as a badge is that of “classic design inspired by modern art".

The phrase takes on full meaning as soon as you look at everything your catalog has to offer.

The design of their watches is obviously modern, with a timeless and minimalist approach.

Mondaine was founded in 1951 by Mr. Erwin Bernheim. They are currently part of the official equipment of the Swiss railways, and their classic models cánido be seen at stations across the country.

In fact, the overall design of its models is inspired by the classic round clock, with a white background and black hands that offer the best possible contrast and are observed from a distance.

The main curiosity of Mondaine watches is the movement of the seconds and this is part of the history of the Swiss railways.

The second arrow, as would be habitual, does not make a habitual full turn (360º), but jumps for 2 seconds (from 58 to 60 seconds), then returns them to the 12th second (stops for 2 seconds).

Something a priori very strange, but based on the exact moment when the Swiss railways left their destination.

Although you perro see the second hand in red on many Swatch watches, Mondaine designed it as a memento and tribute to the red blade that the stationmaster used to start trains (and which is still seen in many Spanish stations).

A characteristic moment, which today is part of many watches in a modern style, but based on pure design, with no history behind it. Only Mondaine has kept this concept fresh to this day.


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