The best Marea watches [Guía comparativa y precios]


The main opinions of Marea watches

What are the opinions of experts, regular buyers and connoisseurs of the watchmaking theme Maréa brand?

We wanted to go deeper and get to know the main reviews of Marea watches, as well as give our own look at what we think about this brand.

First of all, to say that this Spanish brand did not have its own distinctive design, an identity that is attributed to other international brands.

However, he chose and chose to bet on the trends by joining the success of other brands and taking his own look at it, as we saw in Casio's counterfeits.

Except for models with Japanese quartz, Marea is looking for cheap and inexpensive components to configure a watch in a low-cost niche market. Hence its assembly in the Chinese country, as with many other brands.

Marea tends to offer good reliability to its watches and has wisely given up the ability to make automatic models or models of high complexity.

It focuses on the release of watch models that dominate and stand out with their design compared to other more classic or identity bets.

The Fashion collection from Marea This is one of the most positive reviews, watches, which in most cases are made with a stainless steel case and bracelet, and are available with a dial in various attractive colors.

In short, a brand to offer with good value for moneywhere design predominates.


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