The best Curren watches [Guía comparativa de precios]


Reviews of Chinese Curren watches

Looking at the opinions of buyers, we found that there is good retroalimentación on the materials selected for mounting the watch case.

Overall, there are positive reviews for Curren in terms of the strength of its materials, sealing and waterproofing, as some of them are submersible (those that are not are well specified).

on negative reviews found are referred to the diameter of the body of one of their watches or to the possibility of reducing the chains with the length of the bracelet.

We found the best reviews for the models with a leather strap, where their quality is guaranteed, and for the Curren watches, mounted on Japanese quartz, something surprising for the prices at which this Chinese brand is moving.

In any case, we must forget the clisés of Chinese production and its low quality. At least for this brand.

While this is true, we should not look for models that are very complex in their production (such as cheap skeletons), because we perro create more problems.

Curren manages quality for the price at which it moves, and it's surprising how much outsourcing it has experienced in recent years, thanks to companies like AliExpress or Amazon.

In any case, to mention the quality process that Curren leads, rely on the assembly of the famous and prestigious brand of Guess watches in its factories.


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