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The story of Certina in the world of watches

The history of Certina began in 1888, when very few consumers would like to wear a pocket watch or were inherited from father to son and so on until the machine was no longer given.

The brand was born thanks to brothers Alfred and Adolf Kurt, in a modest factory located in Grenchen, Switzerland, very close to their home.

They are gradually growing, hiring new professionals in the ámbito and increasing the number of models and designs.

However, in his early years he was not known as The devil, but afín to Grana, abbreviated from the term Granacus, because the city where the brand was born, Grenchen, is defined in Latin.

It was at the beginning of WWII when it was decided to change Certina's name, with a much larger body, easier to remember and a more "hook".

The term Certina does not come from the imagination, but is a deviation from the term certificate, whose meaning in Latin is true.

In 1959, the system, which still brings to life many Certina collections, DS system.

A automatic model who equipo precedents at the time for their reliability, durability and water resistance (they were submersible up to 200 meters).

From there, they added chapters to the history of their brand, growing more and more and opening the international market with the inclusion of new collections with a sporty and fresh look.

Review of the Swiss brand

In the world of Swiss watchmaking, Sertina has never been on the catwalk, but she intends to conquer it. Longines and Omega have become models that continue to offer very high quality and in this case, although Certina does the same, it will be returned along with Tissot, Hamilton or Mido, among others.

Many consider it an old glory. The truth is that the company has undergone profound changes in recent years, which currently belong to sample group.

That doesn't orinan it's good or bad, it's just different. For this reason, many opinions arise when they reflect that the Certina brand may have lost some of its original essence.

In conjunction with quality of what it offers, absolutely nothing to blame, especially after the advent of Divers and different calibers.


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