Swiss Military Hanowa Watch Buying Guide

Swiss Military Hanowa Watch Buying Guide

Swiss watches are the flagship of the country of Switzerland, although we tend to think of their high cost (and high quality). However, the market has established itself and diversified, so that today we find a compendium of many brands that respect the Swiss tradition, such as the Swiss Military Hanowa watches.

The first thing we have to differentiate is 3 different brands that have opted for the same name, although they are different companies with different traditions:

Swiss Military Hanowa
Swiss Military by Chrono
Swiss Alpine Military

For the purposes of this article, we are going to focus on Swiss Military Hanowa watches. Initially known as Hanowa in 1963, the Swiss brand was founded by Hans Noll in Bienne, transforming (or rather, adapting) with the Swiss Military Hanowa, a sporty style and Swiss quality, but with very accessible prices to the public.

Swiss Military Hanowa watch catalogue

Characteristics of Swiss Military Hanowa watches

Swiss quality

Swiss Made still carries a lot of weight in the world of watches. Swiss manufacturing and the traditional symbol of the Swiss red cross guarantee quality standards that are not easily found in other brands.

Although it is true that this has led many other brands to take advantage of this designation to improve the value of their references, companies such as Swiss Military Hanowa do perfectly reflect the values that are sought after in a "Swiss Made" watch.

Swiss Military Hanowa watches are officially licensed by the Swiss Confederation, so they undergo several annual diagnostics and checks in order to reflect the Swiss watch industry worldwide.

The finishing of their watches is very good, ensuring superb water-resistance, absolute precision with very good calibres and a high quality in all the chosen materials.

Sporty designs

Bestseller No. 1
Swiss Military Hanowa 06-5161.7.04.003 - Reloj analógico de Cuarzo para Hombre, Correa de Acero...
12 Opiniones
Bestseller No. 2
Swiss Military Hanowa Reloj Analógico para Unisex, Adulto de Cuarzo con Correa en Cuero...
2 Opiniones
Swiss Military Hanowa Reloj Analógico para Unisex, Adulto de Cuarzo con Correa en Cuero...
  • Reloj de pulsera negro de piel de la marca Swiss Military Hanowa
Bestseller No. 3
Swiss Military Hanowa Reloj Analógico para Unisex-Adultos de Cuarzo con Correa en Acero Inoxidable...
  • Reloj de pulsera plateado de acero inoxidable de la marca Swiss Military Hanowa

The aesthetics of the Swiss Military Hanowa watches reflect a sporty line, where we can contemplate the models manufactured with stainless steel case and strap, wide bezel and dial in various shades very common in Swiss watches such as Tissot, Rolex, Certina or the Japanese models of Seiko.



History of the Swiss Military Hanowa

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, the term "Swiss Military" should not be confused, as it is currently used by several Swiss watch brands that use this text symbol to enhance their watches.

Hanowa started its activity in the watch industry in 1963 and, with a much more recent history than other historical watch brands in the Swiss environment, it has managed to position its watches in the middle price segment (between 150 and 400 euros) and to create a feeling of quality on our wrist that creates a very good satisfaction with the purchase.

The company was founded by Hans Noll in Biel (Switzerland). Since 1990, he has shaped the structure of his designs very well (especially the sporty character) and added the "attribute" Swiss Military.

Its value today lies in its presence as a sports watch in major competitions and extreme activities, especially in the world of diving and mountaineering.




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