Seiko SKX007, the most emblematic diving watch of the brand


Dial and markers

First of all, when it comes to materials, the protective glass for the dial is the Hardlex mineral glass, something very common in Seiko watches.

It offers greater durability than ordinary mineral glass, as it is also a Prospex watch for sports.

The design of the dial is compact and easy to view, a mandatory requirement for a diving watch.

The indexes and indexes are very well contrasted with a practically black or very dark gray background, in a matte style.

To make the watch easier to read and taking into account the fact that 43 mm is not considered a very large watch, the Seiko SKX007 decided to do without Roman or Arabic numerals, replacing it with a schedule of index points and a good LumiBrite The system lighting in the dark.

This diving watch also has the complexity of a calendar located in the 3 hour time index, and has a day and date.

As a curiosity, it should be said that the day of the week is marked in black ink, with a great contrast to the white background, except for Saturday and Sunday, marked in red and the days of rest for many.

We especially like the hands of the Seiko SKX007. Rough and thick, it has nothing to do with the clean lines of other classic-looking watches.

And this is what attracts many interested in diving watches. maximum visibility, compactness and ease of reading.

Only a second hand maintains a subtle aesthetic, with a hand that practically reaches the end of the dial to offer greater precision if we have to calculate times while on the seabed.

Near the 12 o'clock index we find the Seiko logotipo and the words "AUTOMATIC". With orange text and very good contrast we find the text of "DIVER'S 200m".

No one doubts to look at it in an instant that it is diving watch.

Crown design in Seiko SKX007

Seiko SKX007 has a strong crown that is highly protected against accidents or impacts.

It is not, as usual, in the 3-hour time index, but moves just before number 4.

This is a large crown, protected by the pronunciation of the case, which avoids unnecessary blows to a sensitive part of the watch. However, it is not a particularly protruding screw and is comfortable for the wrist.

Appearance of glasses

The frame is a very important part of a diving watch. Seiko SKX007 is made of stainless steel, covered with a layer of metallic luster, which shines in low visibility conditions.

Something that enhances Seiko's robust design is that it has ribbed and slightly polished edges on the frame.

Every 10 minutes there is a numbering (except for number 60), with a mandatory one-way ticket for a certified diving watch.

This allows him to meet the requirement they also require a diving watch, namely ease of reading and high readability.

Seiko SKX007 bracelet

Seiko really likes to play with different strap configurations and this is the case with the Seiko SKX007 Diver.

Comes estándar with a stainless steel strap or rubber diving strap, both with a main width of 22 mm.

We believe that the use of a stainless steel bracelet is more focused on a watch for everyday use outside of ordinary diving.

The inclusion of a Rubber strap adds much more comfort and less weight that is needed when diving.

Characteristics of the movement

An essential part of the Seiko SKX007 Diver is the complexity of the interior and the quality of its installation.

The watch contains an automatic movement with caliber 7S26, containing 21 jewels and a beating frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour (vph).

It has the innovation of the unbreakable Diaflex spring, which Seiko has also included in several models. It adds a lot more durability than you would expect for the price.

The downside we perro give to Seiko is that there is no manual winding, so interesting when used from time to time.

Kinetic energy transforms the mechanical motion of the movement of our wrist.

But if we stop it for more than 1 day, we do not have the opportunity to rotate the crown to wind it by hand and keep it alive.

However, he has a 40-hour power reserve, quite common for calibers mounted by Seiko and very habitual with the general public.

Price tracking Seiko SKX007

In the en línea market, watches go through many variations, ups and downs with built-in remarkable discounts.

On the Amazon portal, these are the variations it has undergone in recent months.

  • Current price: The price is not available
  • Lowest price: 679 euros
  • Highest price: 181.35 euros

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