Orient Bambino: is this watch worth it?


Orient Bambino design

In the introduction we will talk about the main reasons for the attractiveness of the Orient Bambino, with a classic design mounted on a common wrist and with many positive features.

Appearance of the box

We are talking about the Orient Bambino catalog with a case diameter of 40.5 mm, considered a watch with a small caliber, but which adapts very well to all types of wrists.

The frame offers a sleek look that plays with light, showing different shades depending on the refraction of the sun's rays. This is due to its convex shape and curvature, made of highly reflective stainless steel. On the Orient Bambino, the frame is adjustable a millimeter close to the glass, but visually differs very well from the body.

Given the pins of the watch, we are talking about a total diameter of 44.3 mm, something much larger than 40.5 mm, which we talked about at the beginning. Therefore, this diameter should not always be taken for granted without guessing your wrist watch physically.

In this connection, all three-dimensional measurements must be taken into account, not just the diameter of the housing. Thus, in general, the Orient Bambino watch offers universal measurements that adapt very well to all types of wrists.

In fact, looking at the reviews of buyers and people who have tried Bambino on their wrist (regardless of size), everyone agrees that the final size of the watch is adequate.

And this is that designing a case size that fits all types of wrists is really difficult, and here we are also playing with the thickness of the watch itself.

Orient Bambino's trick of displaying the perfect watch size is based on the shape of the pins and the smooth angle it espectáculos when attached to the case.

The angle is curved enough for small wrists, but also a little flatter to look like the big wrists.

case thickness

As for the thickness of the body of our Orient Bambino, we are talking about 12 mm, a happy environment, accepted and perfectly compensated by the diameter of the box.

As for the sphere, it is made of curved mineral glass, which usually protrudes at an angle of 45º. With this thickness agregado the arch of the glass we will not have any problem if we usually wear shirts closed at the wrist, nor will it be uncomfortable when we wear several layers of clothing in winter.


A less positive aspect of the Orient Bambino is crown diameter, only 5.3 mm. It is very small size when it comes to a mechanical watch that requires constant handling.

Orient Bambino dial design

It's time to talk about a key element of the watch, as well as a determining aspecto in the purchase decision, as it determines a high percentage of the design.

We find added value offered by the Orient Bambino range different colors of the dial, thus potentially increasing our interest in buying. It is very rare not to find a color of the dial that identifies with our tastes, from the most classic colors to the most risky.

One of the best selling Orient Bambino is the one that has blue dial. Deep blue, reminiscent of the seabed and which attracts a lot.

How about reading? Well, the opinions there are not so positive.

While the Orient Bambino dial is attractive, there are a few complaints about easy to read.

Glass, needles and markers have a high reflectivity and this prevents proper reading in poor lighting conditions.

However, reading perro be improved if other shades of the dial are chosen, as blue is the worst reading option, although it is a very attractive color.

The clockwise they are a little shorter and do not reach the hourly indices in depth, so we lose a little reliability when looking for hourly precision.

When we use a watch with a curved glass, there is a slight distortion of visión, something like looking underwater, but not so rough. That is why it is important to have a needle long enough to ensure optimal visión despite the slight distortion that occurs.

On the other hand, the Orient Bambino catalog wanted to keep its classic look so that the glow (glow) of the hands would be suppressed. Avoid watching the hours at night.

As for calendar, is assembled in a box, usually used in classic watches, with a positive and overall design, but without innovation.


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