Nixon watches: in search of the more urban side of life


The main opinions of Nixon watches

With Nixon we open a brand with a Californian spirit, which bases its development on satisfying the desires of young buyers.

It is therefore not surprising that in many models we find allegories from the world of surfing, cars and a lot of urban mood, which young buyers love so much.

Nixon pillars are based on minimalism and the demand for designs that are not revolutionary, but are eye-catching, with rounded lines, thin body thickness and quite affordable prices.

Movement and machines

We cánido't expect great technology within watch brands that suddenly bet to catch the eye of the buyer with their design. However, Nixon watches do not stand alone in design and assemble fácil cheap quartz, as most of their models include Quartz movement Miyota of Japanese origin quite reliable and realized.

Value for money

In terms of the quality that their watches offer and the price we pay for them, we are talking about models that are cheap enough to enjoy in the years to come, even when we wear them every day.

Obviously we are not talking about high quality parts that one would expect from brands like Casio, Seiko or those from the Swiss side like Swatch, Tissot or Certina. However, you also do not pay the price that previous models cost.

We are talking about an average price between 70 euros and more, with a maximum of 150 euros for digital models that include more technology.

Currently, however, the best-selling parts are those that correspond to an average price of € 70 to € 80, and not because they are the cheapest, but because their design is frankly attractive and does not go unnoticed.

As we said, these are not revolutionary designs, but rather comfortable to watch and use on a daily basis. They entrar through the eyes, the minimalist style does not tire and later the right choice of materials and their comfort make them practical to wear.


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