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Due to the presence of minimalism, minimalist watches actually attract the attention of designers, and few objects are more suitable for this type of design than watches.

In essence, minimalism is the elimination of all additional elements of the design, until only the functionality of the object itself remains, but this is also the strategic location of the other elements.

Watches fit perfectly into this trend because they are essentially portable elements designed to espectáculo the time, but they are far more complex than they look from a design point of view.

In fact, only the best minimalist watch brands cánido create a visually appealing design without using too many of the watch's distinctive elements.

This articulo reveals what these brands are and what designs have brought them to the pinnacle of minimalism.

Brown AW10E VOB watch
Brown AW10Y también VOB watch

crystal mineral
Movement Swiss quartz
Housing diameter 39 mm
Case thickness 9 mm
material Stainless steel and leather
waterproof 5 ATMs (50 meters)

The best brand of minimalist watches

Some of the best minimalist watches have every favorite design, as they don't have to look alike, even if they follow the same creative trends.

In fact, some recognize the luxury of adding functionality without abandoning the minimalist design. Let's see which is the best brand:

➤ Skagen

Minimalist Skagen watches

Skagen is one of the best-selling minimalist watch brands, thanks to its fácil and ultra-slim design, as well as its reasonable pricing policy.

Skagen watches stand out with their minimalist Danish design, which originates from Denmark, but is in the USA, but is a style that influences the entire collection of the brand.

In 1992, two Danes living in the United States decided to find Skagen, inspired by a small fishing village in their home country.

Since then, the brand has had numerous successes and has received occasional design awards such as Red Dot. One of its most successful designs is the Danish model 809.

Va Movado

Movado minimalist watch

Nor cánido we talk about minimalist watches without naming one of the pioneering brands of this type of design, Movado.

Movado watches based on minimalism already existed in 1930, but it was not until 1948 that the company introduced its most famous minimalist design, the Movado Museum.

The museum has no time markers or other additional elements, only a large dot at 12 o'clock, which represents the sunrise at noon.

Since then, the brand has launched a number of watches. They were all inspired by the habitual minimalist design of his first museum.

Movado 607220 watch

Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington Clock

The brand is best known for its luxury watches, but the truth is that all of Daniel Wellington's designs are also characterized by their simplicity and minimalism.

Its thin but large sphere contains few brand logotipos, but has become a current fashion icon along with a very elegant and colorful fabric bracelet.

The brand's best minimalist watches are only 6 mm thick and represent the Miyota quartz movement of Japanese origin.

Nda Mondaine

Mondaine minimalist watch

For many years, Mondaine has been producing minimalist watches that cánido be hung on the walls of Swiss railway stations. This is the aesthetics that are maintained on the watch.

But the brand's collection also speaks of watches with "Swiss-made" stickers, so it is more than an elegant design.

Mondaine is considered one of the best watch brands in Switzerland, both because of the meticulous production of Swiss assembled designs and because of its reasonable price.


MVMT watch

MVMT is an American watch brand that mainly produces affordable quartz with a fácil and minimalist design, although there are automatic models.

What makes MVMT stand out among minimalist watch brands is that it usually adds plus complexity to the design, such as the chronograph, without losing the pure stylistic features of minimalism.

Many of its models usually integrate Miyota's movements in Japan, which ensures good performance.

➤ Brown

Brown watch

Brown produces watches as well as appliances, all in the same clean and minimalist style designed by Dieter Rams, which bears some resemblance to Bauhaus trends.

Mechanically very fácil watch, Japanese quartz movement, whose only complexity is the date of the model with it.

Braun watches are made of stainless steel with mineral glass and usually use leather or strap from Milanese mesh.

➤ Junkers

Junkers watch

Junkers watches are known mainly for their aviator design and are all marked in a minimalist style.

Bernard Junkers founded the brand in 2003 based on an old sketch of civil aviation taken from his grandfather, the famous German engineer Hugo Junkers.

These are German watches made on German soil, using the most affordable model Japanese parts and the most expensive Swiss parts.

Its most characteristic minimalist watch is the Bauhaus model, inspired by habitual German design trends.

Rad Bradley

Bradley Watch

It perro be said that Bradley watches have minimized minimalism. Here, if there are no additional elements that perro obstruct your view, they are actually invisible, but you cánido use a touch to read the clock.

These watches work thanks to two small bearings that rotate and are attached to the watch thanks to magnetism. This allows you to literally feel the time by holding your finger over the clock.

The Brad Snyder watches are designed in honor of Brad Snyder, a war veteran who lost his sight in an explosion.

Launched as a Kickstarter campaign in 2003, the project quickly became a great example of de hecho design and one of the most original minimalist watch brands.

➤ Junghans

Junghans Max Bill

Made entirely in Germany, Junghans watches stand out with their excellent minimalist design, carefully crafted from hand to digital printing.

Junghans began producing watches in 1928, but it was not until the 1950s that collaboration with Swiss artist Max Bill laid the foundations for the brand's distinctive design.

His most important collection is the Junghans by Maxville series, which collects several watches with designer signatures.

Apart from the design, it is also an innovative brand that has created mechanical chronographs, sundials and even radio-controlled ones.

➤ Nomos Glashütte

Nomos Glashütte

Founded in 1990, Nomos Glashütte is another German watchmaker who excels in modernism and minimalist aesthetics.

NOMOS is also influenced by this trend because it belongs to the Deutscher Werkbund, an association of German designers, artists and architects, founded in 1907, the forerunner of the Bauhaus movement.

The brand is based in Glashütte, which produces most watch parts. In fact, he is still one of the few independent watchmakers in Germany.

Their watches are not exactly cheap, but their prices are below those that independent watchmakers usually cost.

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