Hamilton watches: the essence of Swiss Made


Reviews for Hamilton Watch

Overall opinions on the quality of Hamilton watches is undeniable. In fact, many wonder how it offers so much for so little.

Undoubtedly, the designs are really attractive for both female and male audiences, but it's not just there (as with other brands). As we delve into the technique of measuring instruments and their movement, we realize that this is not just a Swiss Made by all rules but in addition to that, it is developing advanced technologies like its own 80-hour power reserve.

Hamilton strives for perfection in his models, so the average price of his collection is expected to exceed 4 digits. And yet this is not the case, at least in most of the watches we talked about in this guide.

The Hamilton quartz watches we have presented are models with a beautiful design and garnished with them well tested calibers and which have demonstrated their exceptional attitude over the years, such as ETA calibers 2824, 2836, 2892, 7750, ETC.

Line design

Hamilton's touch is always present in each of the watches he creates, even in different collections.

Bet on it vintage style, with aviator models or very interesting chronographs with a classic look, where the black sphere predominates.

At the strap level, the brand emplees a semi-classic leather strap with buckle fastening and seams at the edges, and a Milan-style steel strap with a butterfly closure.

In our opinion, however use of leather strap. Personally, if we have to choose a style of watches from this Swiss brand, we are without a doubt the aviator style that Hamilton offers us. H64611535 or Hamilton H64455533. Still, both models are extremely competitively priced for the quality they offer.

Machines and movements

The success of his models, always respecting the classic and vintage style he offers in most of his watches, is even more obvious. Swiss reinforced armshowing high-precision measuring instruments that have proven to be some of the best in all their years of shooting.

Among the automatic watches we know the known H-10 and H-40, with a power reserve almost double what is usually offered. We speak closely 80 hours of autonomy since its energy is fully charged, something very interesting if you do not want to constantly worry that the clock is always ticking.

Price and quality

Finally, and taking into account the above-mentioned words from the Hamilton watch brand, we did not expect so much for so little, in the sense that we found many other brands that have much more expensive models with a design. Worse and worse caliber, said leading watch experts.

For price between 400 € and 600 € We cánido have a real gemstone for many years to come that fits our outfit perfectly (you've already seen how Hamilton's designs wear them) and without the headache of how long quartz functionality perro last.

No doubt we are talking top 5 of the best swiss watches at an average price.


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