Guide and comparison of Bering watches


We do not need to deviate from Europe, especially from Denmark, to find a curious brand of watches known as Bering.

Going in and looking at their catalog, we find a very modern and bold design concept, where, as they say, "draws inspiration from the eternal beauty of the Arctic landscape."

In Bering watches we find different design lines for men and women, with minimalist concepts, where they leave in the smallest details the depth of the colors of the dial and some automatic models in a very affordable price range.

In addition, we see a very integrated concept of the case with the dial, which always has a very pronounced spherical line, playing with bracelets of all materials, such as leather, stainless steel mesh, plastic, etcétera.

Bering's story embraces the world of adventure and Arctic expeditions. In fact, its name pays homage to the explorer Vitus Bering, who completed in 1729 (at that time not easily) a route across the Arctic Ocean.


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