Fossil watch catalog: comparison and model guide


Basic opinions of the brand

Fossil watches are well established in the panorama of design and fashion accessories. The American brand knew how to present itself thanks to the models, perfectly adapted to the European profile. Let's say that 90% of the watch is pure design and this is something that the less expert audience (the larger percentage of the population) appreciates.

We are talking about an average watch price between 100 and 200 euros, not counting the Fossil Smartwatch, a completely independent line.


One of the factors that the American brand has taken into account the most is to bet on its own design, but one that offers enough variety and variety to suit all audiences, male and female.

In the various collections there are chronographs with sober and voluminous style, purely male, with cases of large diameters, strong colors (black, gray and dark brown) and colored dials.

In the profile of women's watches we find more specialized designs suitable for urban women, where the minimalist style rewards.

Although you perro find it all, Fossil seems to be betting on using the leather strap as the flagship of its design line.

Value for money

Fossil is a brand of watches, very habitual among young women and men. The fact that most of the models are in the price range between € 100 and € 200 means that if the design goes through the eyes, the investment is not so important and he is committed to buying it.

In general, we prefer to focus on the purchase of quartz models, as we failed to appreciate the quality offered by some of their automatic mechanisms.

In general, the assessment of buyers of quartz versions is very positive and there are very few complaints due to loss of components, damage to internal mechanics or damage for a short period of time. Of course, you must rely on the fact that the skin of the bracelet requires maintenance and it is likely that in less than 2 years there will be cracks, imperfections and natural wear.

Bet on the brand

Fossil has been able to establish a price criterion a lot in line with what it produces. A brand appreciated for its creations and the requirements of the young audience.

In addition, its new Smartwatch models are a catalyst on the market, introducing the most innovative technology in classic watch design, something that until a few years ago had no competition.


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