Citizen Promaster NY0040: A complete guide and review


Housing design

Before us is a watch with a sporty look, made of stainless steel materials and rubber strap to achieve better traction and weight reduction when fully immersed.

The case is made of silver and satin stainless steel, but with polished edges. Very clean design that it frames strength and a sense of high security.

Its appearance tells us from a distance that this is a diver's watch. However, the diameter of its body (41.5 mm) is smaller than what we are used to in other sports models. The the dial reading is perfect, with thickened arms and round indexes filled with photoluminescence.

This size adapts perfectly to any wrist and even more when it comes to a sports model with a very durable rubber strap.

As for the overall design, we are talking about a ordinary watch, sports aesthetics, yes, but with basic and general lines in a model designed for diving.

The Citizen Automatic logotipo is inserted in the index 12 hours, with full symmetry with the word WATER-RESISTANCE OF HYDROGEN located at the bottom.

A very interesting curiosity in Citizen NY0040 is this the crown is on the index 8 hours, something very unusual in the watches that usually place it on the right side (index 3).

This was done, on the one hand, to offer a unique and different look to the watch, and on the other - to increase your comfort because it is common for us to drive the crown when we move the palm of the hand back.

This crown is screwed, which is very common in diving watches, because it gives you much greater water resistance than other options and we are talking about a depth of up to 200 meters.

In addition to these 200 meters, you must also rely on the Citizen NY0040 is ISO certified and meets all the minimum requirements necessary for use in professional diving.

One-way frame typical of diving watches

How could it be otherwise, this Citizen Promaster NY0040 and all its versions have a one-way frame, so it cánido calculate diving time and avoid recoil, which perro lead to confusion in the calculation. Hourly.

It has markers every 10 minutes with a maximum of 60 minutes. Matte black color with silver numbering and markers for perfect contrast.

Glass type

We are not talking about a sapphire crystal, which would be one of the ideal conditions for this Citizen. However, you perro't ask for much more given the great price it has, in some cases less than € 200.

This diving model has mineral glass, resistant to shocks and scratches, suitable for sports.


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