Citizen NY0040, economical and reliable automatic diver



Citizen NY0040 Promaster, along with the classic Seiko SKX009 and SKX007, is one of the most collectible diving watches today.

Citizen is one of the most famous watch brands in Japan, and although its current design focuses on maximizing technological improvements (eco-driving models), it is the most successful mechanical type like the NY0040. Produces some of the watches.

It may not be as well known as the Seiko, but in fact the Citizen NY0040 offers the same features at a usually lower price.

As a result, we also face automated mechanical divers with Japanese movement, who cánido dive up to 200 meters and are supported by an ISO certificate that proves it.

In this articulo we will analyze each of these special functions Situs Slot Gacor of the watch and present all their variations.


✚ Citizen NY0040 Promaster-Technical sheet

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Citizen Diving Watch NY0040-17LEM
  • Este reloj dispone de un mecanismo automático (se carga a través de cualquier reloj con la muñeca; no necesita pilas)....


brand Citizen
model NY0040
Model year 1993
Glass type mineral
material Stainless steel case and rubber strap
diameter 42 mm
thickness 12 mm
Belt width 20 mm
Stroke Japanese automatic
Caliber Miyota 8203
Power reserve 45 hours
accuracy -1 10 / + 20 seconds per day
waterproof 200 meters (ISO 6425)
Frame One-way rotation 60 clicks
Special features Manual winding, quick equipo date, bilingual day

✚ A little history

To understand the history of Citizen NY0040, we need to go back to two important dates, 1956 and 1959, before they appeared.

In both years, there were important discoveries about the Promaster saga to which this model belongs. In 1956, the first shock-resistant watch, the Parashock, was born, and in 1959, the first Parawater dive watch was launched.

Citizen NY0040 Promaster

Citizen Parashock was launched from a helicopter to test its resilience, and Parawater was left submerged under a floating buoy for several months to test its tightness.

Both tests were very successful, demonstrating that Japan could compete with Switzerland as a watchmaking power plant.

The Promaster collection arrived in 1989 and features a variety of sustainable sports models and features that dominate the land, sea and air.

It was not until 1993 that the company decided to build a new mechanical diver for the Promaster collection, Citizen NY004.

NY004 takes a long time to become a cult watch, mainly due to the strange position of the crown at 8 o'clock and the jagged frame inspired by Japanese downy and downy fish.

It was adopted as the official watch of the Italian naval seal (Comando Subacqueo Incursori) and became famous when it reached a depth of 500 meters.

This presents a new customized model of the Italian command with the inscription "Marina Military 500M Automatic" on the dial.

Over time, there have been some updates Slot Gacor Hari Ini such as the new NY008, but the classic Citizen NY004 is still one of the most sustainable, economical and functional divers.

✚ Design and function

Undoubtedly, the Citizen NY0040 is a well-designed watch designed to fulfill its underwater mission.

From the very beginning, the highly aparente dial and crown are displayed at 8 o'clock so as not to interfere with the movement of the wrist.

However, this watch has many other features and is a top diver. Let's see what they are:

➤ Case, frame, crown

The case is made of conveniently polished and polished 316L stainless steel. Steel is a highly corrosion-resistant material, making it ideal for this type of watch.

Citizen NY0040 Box

The back of the box is blind and twisted to completely seal the water. On the outside, the Citizen logotipo is engraved to the watch's specifications.

Citizen has equipped the NY0040 with a one-way dive frame with 60 clicks. Its design is one of the most distinctive parts of the watch.

The serrated panel is designed to mimic Japanese blowers and blowers and not only differs but also has excellent traction.

The crown is another important detail of the NY0040, as it is at 8 o'clock, instead of 3 o'clock, like most watches.

This not only looks different, but also improves comfort. It is also threaded to prevent water from entering the watch.

➤ Crystal and dial

As you would expect from any good diver's watch, the dial is designed to provide maximum visibility in any situation.

Citizen NY0040 Room

It therefore has large time markers as well as large hands surrounded by silver borders to make them even more noticeable.

Having a larger surface area, the various elements of the sphere also contain a larger amount of fluorescent room and cánido shine more in the dark.

The date window is located at 3 o'clock and you perro read the day of the week together with the number indicating the day of the week.

All of them Slot Gacor are protected by specially tempered mineral glass to provide excellent resistance to breakage and scratches.

This type of glass is not so hard as sapphire and is not scratch resistant, but its softening absorbs the impact better and makes it harder to break.

For this reason, it is also very common to find him diving. Scratches during a dive are preferable to breakouts where water cánido entrar.

➤ Strap

The Citizen NY0040 is available with either a stainless steel or rubber strap, the latter being more suitable for sporty use.

On some models the decompression limits (ND) on the side of the rubber or the rubber band LIMITS is not stamped.

This is a table showing the time intervals during which a diver perro ascend to the surface without decompression, depending on the depth and time spent in the water.

Returning to the stainless steel strap, this is an Oyster design with a sliding dive extension and safety clasp

➤ Movement

Inside, the NY0040 is equipped with a self-made automatic mechanical movement, the Solvent Miyota 8203 (Miyota belongs to Citizen).

The 8203 is for many of Miyota's best work and is an accurate and reliable mechanism that includes a hand lift.

This means that it perro be charged not only by the movement of the wrist, but also by rotating the crown. This is very useful if you do not wear your watch constantly.

Other important features are the ability to display the day of the week in two languages ​​along with the date and of course the new crown position at 8 o'clock.

You perro see its full specifications here:

jewelry twenty-one
Frequency 21 600 vph
load One-way automatic
Power reserve 45 hours
Size 25.6 x 5.67 mm
accuracy -10/20 seconds per day
Seconds stop Absent
hand rolled good

Available versions

The NY0040 has several design options, such as color settings and straps.

Inside, everything is the same, but the color of the dial cánido be chosen from blue, black and even light white, and the whole dial is filled with room.

The strap also varies from model to model and perro be made of blue or black rubber to match the dial and stainless steel.

Price and opinion

Few brands offer as good value for money as Citizen, and the NY0040 certainly exceeds all expectations.

We are talking about a well-designed watch that has been in production for more than 20 years, but is still on top of the best divers today.

In fact, it has the same advantages as the famous Seiko SKX00x and surpasses them in some respects, and the most amazing thing is that it does so for less money.

Today, Citizen continues to offer this watch at an affordable price, but there is always the option to stop it.

This will make it much more difficult to obtain collectibles and will probably make them more expensive.

Therefore, if you plan to add this mythical diver to your collection, you should not wait too long.


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