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Not surprisingly after the long and successful journey of the brand that Bulova is watching, are very habitual with consumers. Most believe that although they are high-precision watches and made of quality materials, they are quite affordable compared to models with afín features from other brands on the market.

One of the most habitual models in the range is the automatic model Bulova Aerojet, very valuable even by consumer collectors. They believe that both the design, inspired by the 50s, and its mechanism make this watch a respected piece by entusiastas of automatic watches.

The history of Bulova watches

A great deal of enthusiasm, effort and a lot of courage, that's what Joseph Bulova put in, when in 1875, only 23 years old and recently arrived in New York from his hometown in the Bohemian region, he opened a small jewelry store on Maiden Lane.

Carefully and in a traditional way he makes jewelry, pocket watches and table watches with great beauty, which he sells in his small shop.

These watches quickly became habitual, so much so that in 1912 the demand was such that Bulova opened in Biel, Switzerland, a factory for watch movements with a huge production at that time.

Given their practicality, he managed to convince the whole world that wristwatches were more comfortable than pocket watches, and in 1919 he launched his first collection of watches. Bulova is watching men's bracelet, followed in 1924 by the women's collection, which she transformed into jewelry, adorning them with diamonds.

A man with a great commercial visión, he first launched a radio advertising campaign in 1926. When you hear the signal, it will be 8 o'clock, the hour Булова.

Fifteen years later, he will repeat the feat on television with an advertisement in which only the image of a dial on the map of the United States is seen with the slogan ""America works with the time of Bulova ”.

Continuing the legacy of over a hundred years of the brand's history, today Bulova is watching they continue to be a benchmark in terms of quality, precision and design.

Bulova watch brand

The most curious may wonder why the logotipo of Bulova is watching is a tuning fork, the reason is that again Bulova Watch Company had a trump card up its sleeve, in 1960 presented for the first time in history Accutron, an electronically controlled wristwatch whose mechanism is triggered by the movement of a small tuning fork. The precision of these watches was such that they achieved great success, turning the tuning fork into a symbol of the company from that moment on.

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