Breille watches: origin, price, opinion

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Breille watches are made in Italy and are now a fashion brand, but this means that the history of the watchmaking world is much more thoughtful than other afín brands.

Like other Italian watch brands, Breille was founded in Milan, but unlike most cases, the company is still based in the Italian city and owned by the founder's family.

This means that Breille watches are not an ordinary fashion accessory, as most have the recognized Japanese mechanisms Seiko and Miyota, and some are powered by Swiss mechanics.

In this articulo, we look at the history of the brand, analyze the quality of its design and finally find out which is the best Braille watch.

Braille watches: Origin and history

In 1906, Innocente Binda decided to equipo up a small watch shop on the shores of Lake Maggiore in northern Italy. This is just the beginning of a company that will eventually become one of the most important watches in Italy.

It was not until 1939 that Innocente decided to establish Braille in Milan. The company has experienced several crises since then, but has always been owned by the Binda family.

Self-winding watch

Innocente created the brand inspired by the name of the Swiss city. This is a fashion brand that enhances the luxury of the watch, but some models are still in production. .. With the Swiss mechanism.

After many years of research, the company began producing watches in 1942 and the first Braille watches were launched. These are designs driven by the Swiss movement, which follows modern aesthetic trends.

The company's first successful advertising campaign took place in 1956, when Innocente decided to launch several clocks from the Eiffel Tower, which is over 300 meters high, to espectáculo resistance. They all continued to operate after the crash, and Binda achieved its goal of associating its products with good design and high-quality materials.

A few years later, the Manta collection arrived in 1978. It is a series of diving watches and chronographs showing the company's later design. In fact, during this time, Braille supplied materials to divers of the Italian fleet with Panerai.

In 1993, another successful advertising campaign under the slogan "Take something other than my Braille" definitely impressed the brand in the minds of consumers. Among them, it has been proven that tall actresses, especially Monica Bellucci, Kare Otis and Talisa Soto, wear typical men's watches to embody the unisex soul of the brand.

The company landed in the jewelry world of the Breille Stones steel jewelry line in 2001, and soon after took the lead in the Italian market, where it began its international expansion.

Breille Abalt Watch

A year later, in 2002, the famous "Don't Touch My Braille" campaign began, which opened a new retail channel shortly after the opening of the brand's first luxury store in Corso Vercelli, Milan.

In 2003, the company announced a new leather product and launched a franchise project, at the same time opening its second store in Corso Vittorio Emanuele, also in Milan.

Since then, the company has added new products such as glasses and fragrances to its stores, but the jewelry and watch lines are the most famous and successful.

Among his most famous watch lines are the collections of Beaubourg (1979), Tribe (1996), Milan (2001), Infiniti (2012) and Hip Hop (2018), many of which include an increase in jewelry.

Today, the brand belongs to the Binda Group and is now a leading European manufacturer, with a special Breil watch management and continuing to maintain the best design and performance characteristics.

Good Are Breil watches good?

Like many other watch companies, Breille survived the quartz crisis by moving part of its production outside Italy and exporting parts from other countries, but the brand always maintains the lowest levels of quality.

In other words, we do not use watch parts and we use high quality materials, regardless of the place of origin.

For example, the most used movements in their designs are usually Miyota and Seiko, which are reliable mechanisms that are highly valued in the watch industry.

In fact, the Binda Group acquired the rights to sell Lolth and Seiko watches in Italy in 1997. This gives us an iniciativa of ​​the brand's commercial relationship.

For the rest of the material, this is certainly a fashion brand that produces some of the watches in Asian countries, but we are not talking about cheap Chinese watches.

Breille also emplees stainless steel and leather for the most economical models, and there are other titanium designs, as shown in the image.

The following is the design of the high-end brand, made of modern Swiss self-winding movements (usually ETA) and sapphire crystals, but in this case we are already talking about high-priced watches.

In any case, regardless of the price, we are talking about a well-made Italian watch that saves time for years.

✚ Naj the best Braille watches for women

The brand has a large collection, but women's design cánido have many different types of watches. These are some of the most famous:

➤ Braille infinity

Breille Infinity Watch

Launched in 2012, the Infinity collection includes both watches and jewelry. In fact, every watch is in a sense a jewel. Long steel bracelet and garnished with a zircon watch.

Loc Braille cabinet

Breille Rockers Watch

What makes the watches from the Rocker collection unique is the finish of the steel strap, where the connections are made of small rocker-style bolts. The equipo has a modern and minimalist dial design.

Also, thanks to the Miyota quartz movement, it is a durable and accurate watch. Caliber of Japanese origin, recognized as reliable.

➤ Braille hip hop

Braille hip-hop watch

The hip-hop collection consists of a number of fácil and colorful watches that mezcle the creativity of Italian design with the flexibility of the tire to create a sustainable and comfortable design.

A fun concept with interchangeable parts that everyone perro create their own style by combining different dials and straps.

Y Bray Yu Petty

Breille Petit Watch

Petit is a women's watch with a pearl-colored dial and smooth lines strewn with sparkling crystals.

With a built-in reliable and accurate quartz movement Miyota 5Y20, made in Japan, it is functional and beautifully designed.

Top sales Braille Petty

➤ Braille B Gram

Breille B Gram Watch

The B-gram series watches are elegant, but at the same time original and unlike any other design. In fact, it has more to do with designer bracelets than watches.

A colored strap made of steel squares surrounds a small watch with a minimalist cut, which is also waterproof up to 50 meters.

✚ Braille’s best men’s watch

Men's watches from this brand most often have a very sporty design. A good example of this is the Abarth collection, inspired by the famous Italian racing brand, but the company has all kinds of designs. These are some of the most famous collections.

➤ Braille Milan

Breille Milano watch

The Milan collection is one of the most classic of the brand. It has been reissued several times since it was first released in 2001. For this reason, it is also one of the collections that covers most models.

These are usually watches to wear, although there are also sports models and divers. In addition, this series includes both men's and women's watches.

The movement is also very uneven and you cánido find both quartz and automatic. Its origin is that the cheapest is made in Japan, and the most expensive is Switzerland.


Braille watch

Initially, the watches in the Tribe collection stood out in an original and casual style. As the name suggests, tribal members have their own personality in the form of materials, colors and details.

You cánido now find tribal chronographs. This is habitual, given that the first batch of collections began in 1996.

➤ Braille abult

Breille Abalt Watch

Inspired by the famous racing car brand, the Abarth collection consists of watches with sports characters.

All designs on this line include the famous Abarth scorpion logotipo and other cool features like the Japanese Miyota movement and a chronograph for most models.

Blanket with braille

Breille Manta Watch

The Manta Ray collection has always been associated with the brand's diving models, but now includes a variety of clothing designs.

In any case, as usual for the brand, all models are equipped with myot movement, and the diver type has a high water resistance, which is the most professional model and cánido reach up to 300 meters.

➤ Braille Maverick

Breille Manta Watch

Maverick is a collection of fresh and casual chronographs, including high-contrast dials with tachymeters and fabric straps that give the equipo a more sporty look.

All watches in this series are made of stainless steel and feature a Seiko VD57 mechanism to ensure quality.

✚ Price and opinion

Breille not only has a good image of quality, but the watches are well made, which makes it virtually impossible to find a bad opinion of the brand.

Today it is a fashion brand, but has a long tradition of watchmaking, paying great attention to the production and parts of each design, and is also the best in terms of quality.

The price is not very expensive, but varies depending on the model. The company has so many designs that it is easy to find deals at any time.

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