15 Touch clocks for men, women and children

More and more people are relying on the use of tactile watches for comfort compared to traditional mini side buttons, but finding the right watch is not always easy.

Many brands, especially those that genera smart watches and sports watches, have decided to incorporate this technology into their devices.

And touch clocks are especially useful for processing the significant amount of information or functionality that this type of device cánido provide.

No one wants to spend a lot of time riding a bike or, worse, looking at the clock screen. It perro be dangerous.

It is clear that touch watches are well established and everyone will become a more attractive option. For this reason, we are here to inform you about the best options currently available.

Best Touch Clock 2020

To make the classification as accurate as possible, we will divide this article into different sections depending on the usuario of the device and the most famous brand.

Clock Tactile watch for women


Color OLED sensor retina

Fitbit Versa 2

Fitbit Versa2 Ladies watch with touch

In the Versa 2, Fitbit wanted to face Apple by creating a highly finished watch, both at the smartwatch level and in the sports arena.

For this reason, there are many sensors such as GPS, heart rate monitors, accelerometers and altimeters. It also has a sensor that measures the saturation of the blood with oxygen (relative SpO2).

But with Bluetooth and WiFi and NFC, which allows you to pay with your watch, it's also a very complete device in terms of connectivity.

This not only allows you to fully monitor your daily sports activities, but also keeps you connected and synchronized with your mobile phone.

If you add a large color touch screen to this, you are undoubtedly facing one of the best touch watches available for women today.

≫ Garmin Venu

Garmin Vene Touch watch

Another touchscreen watch that currently stands out in terms of quality and price is the Garmin Venu. Stylish yet feature-packed smartwatch.

Venu has all kinds of sensors such as GPS, heart rate monitors, heart rate monitors, barometers, thermometers and even compasses, but also WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC.

This not only allows you to run various sports and health tracking applications, but also keeps you connected to your mobile phone and provides any up-to-date information.

For example, navigation data, weather, notifications, etcétera. You perro also save the music you listen to while playing sports without having to carry your mobile phone with you.

Garmin Venu-GPS smartwatch with stylish glossy display ...
Garmin Venu-GPS smartwatch with a sleek glossy display for smart style ...

screen AMOLED Touch 390 x 390 pixels (1.2 inches)
Size 43.2 x 43.2 x 12.4 mm
weight 46.3 g
waterproof 5 ATMs (50 meters)
GPS GLONASS and Galileo
sensor Heart rate monitor, accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, barometric altimeter, thermometer, pulse oximeter
Connecting Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC
Battery life 12 hours in GPS mode, 6 hours with music and GPS, up to 5 days as a smart watch

Watch Apple Watch 5 (40 mm)

Tap Watch Apple Watch 5

If we are talking about tactile watches for women and men, definitely one of the best is the Apple Watch 5, but it is not exactly cheap, so you need enough pockets to buy it.

Of course, it has all the features you would expect from a smartwatch or sports watch, with the addition of a great aplicación store where you cánido add even more.

The Apple Watch's Retina screen is far superior to other touchscreen watches on the market and has better processing power on the device, but also consumes more battery power.

The 40mm model is great for small wrists and a little cheaper, but has a slightly smaller screen and a slightly smaller battery that needs to be addressed.

Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS, 40 mm) Space Gray aluminum-black sports band
Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS, 40 mm) Space Gray aluminum-black sports band

screen OLED Touch Retina 324 x 394 pixels (1.57 inches)
Size 40 x 34 x 10.7 mm (height x width x thickness)
weight 30.8 g
waterproof 5 ATMs (50 meters)
sensor Heart rate monitor, accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, barometric altimeter, ambient light
Connecting Bluetooth 5.0, WiFi, NFC
Battery life 18 hours with moderate use

➤ Men’s watch

Watch Huawei Watch GT2 (46 mm)

Tap Watch Huawei Watch GT2

Due to its large size, Huawei Watch GT2 is ideal for one of the best touch watches for men, with the added advantage of large touch screen and large long-lasting battery.

It's also one of the cheapest we perro find, virtually without abandoning sports tracking features or smartwatches.

In fact, it also has dual GPS networks (GLONASS and Galileo) for fast signal reception anywhere in the world.

The GT2 does not have WiFi or NFC, but cánido receive and respond to all notifications sent from the phone vía Bluetooth.

It also has a battery that allows a huge 14 days of use, so reading this price is an opportunity to consider.

Huawei Watch GT2 Sport-46 Mm case smart watch (battery for up to 2 weeks, ...
Huawei Watch GT2 Sport-46 Mm case smart watch (battery for up to 2 weeks, ...

screen AMOLED Touch 454 x 454 px (1.39 ″)
Size 45 x 46 x 10.7 mm
weight 41 g (without strap)
waterproof 5 ATMs (50 meters)
GPS GLONASS and Galileo
sensor Heart rate monitor, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, barometric altimeter, ambient light
Connecting Bluetooth 5.1
Battery life 30 hours in GPS mode, up to 14 days as a smartwatch

≫ Polar Ignite

Polar Ignite watch to the touch

Ignite is one of the thinnest and lightest watches we perro find today and is suitable for both men and women.

This is a watch designed to keep track of your perfect fitness, including strength and aerobic workouts, recovery periods and even a night's sleep.

Its large color touch screen allows you to view and work with your full daily workout plan, using graphics and multiple exercise prompts.

It is also a sleek smartwatch that syncs with a mobile phone to receive and display all notifications vía Bluetooth, but without music or NFC payments.

≫ Suunto 9

Suunto 9 touch watch

Suunto 9 is one of the best touch watches for men with its large 1.97-inch color screen and long battery life, but it is also one of its largest sizes (50 mm in diameter).

In this case, it is basically a sports watch that allows you to keep track of many sports, especially outdoors, but also daily activity and sleep.

For this reason, it has a number of sensors, including a heart rate monitor, gyroscope, accelerometer and even a compass with built-in navigation, so you don't get lost in the mountains.

Of especial note is the GPS, which perro be connected to three different positioning systems (GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS) for greater accuracy and speed anywhere in the world.

The size of the touch screen also makes it easier to receive and respond to notifications from the phone, so it cánido do a great job as a smartwatch.

➤ Children’s clock with touch

Watch Watch the game

Tactile watch with watches for children

Tactile watches for children, although less functional, are habitual because of the security they provide to parents when managing their children.

Models such as Game & Watch offer games and entertainment for children, as well as a GSM connection for receiving calls.

This allows parents to keep in touch with their children and minors to contact their parents in an emergency.

Game & Watch is also one of the cheapest, but there is no GPS positioning. This is another feature that is extremely necessary for this type of device.

»Smart watch Lypulight

Children's watch with smart watch Lypulight

Another affordable children's watch is the Lypulight Smartwatch. It is very afín in functionality to its predecessor, but somewhat tolerant.

Again, this is a watch with games and a camera that perro take calls, but also has a music player and is waterproof.

Plo Xplora Go

Children's watch XploraGo Touch

Xplora Go acts as a GPS locator in addition to receiving calls, expanding the range of touch watches for children.

This makes it easier for parents to find their child on the phone and stay in touch at all times.

There are other interesting features like WiFi to avoid data consumption and pedometers that are waterproof, but all of these features are affordable.

➤ Xiaomi Touch watch


Amazfit Bip smart watch, GPS sports watch Glonass heart rate monitor ...
Price quality

Amazfit GTS-Smart Watch Obsidian Black

≫ Xiaomi Amazfit Bip

Xiaomi Amazfit Bip Touch Watch

Amazfit Bip is one of Xiaomi's most successful touch watches. This is primarily due to its low price, as well as almost the same functionality as much more expensive devices.

You perro talk about the cheapest GPS watch on the market, but you also have a heart rate monitor, accelerometer, compass and even a barometric altimeter. on your wrist.

Thanks to this, you perro track various physical activities, constantly showing your steps and heart rate, showing notifications from your mobile phone and showing changes over time.

If you want to add a battery that cánido last up to 45 days without going through a charger, you'll come across another great option to consider.

≫ Xiaomi Amazfit GTS

Xiaomi Amazfit GTS Touch Watch

GTS is essentially an improved Amazfit Bip with aluminum body and AMOLED touch screen with much higher resolution and color. Definitely looks like an Apple Watch.

It also has an improved pulse sensor and gyroscope, ambient light sensor and improved water resistance.

Of course, it is very economical compared to other tactile watches, but it is a little more expensive than my brother.

Amazfit GTS-Smart Watch Obsidian Black
Amazfit GTS-Smart Watch Obsidian Black

screen AMOLED Touch 348 x 442 pixels (1.65 inches)
Size 43 x 36 x 9.4 mm
weight 28.8 g
waterproof 5 ATMs (50 meters)
sensor Heart rate monitor, accelerometer, compass, barometric altimeter, ambient light
Connecting Bluetooth 5.1
Battery life 25 hours in GPS mode, up to 14 days as a smartwatch

≫ Xiaomi Amazfit GTR (47 mm)

Xiaomi also has several models with an oval dial, as with the Amazfit GTR. Amazfit GTR is a cheap, multifunctional device that is common in brands.

In this case, you have all the sensors you need to properly monitor your daily activities, such as GPS and heart rate monitors, but NFC is also integrated, so you perro make payments with your watch.

The GTR's large AMOLED touch screen makes it easy to manage notifications from your mobile phone and all the information this watch perro provide.

The best is its autonomy, which reaches 24 days of use of the 47-millimeter model, which is not achieved with most smart watches.

➤ Samsung Touch Watch

≫ Samsung Galaxy Watch (46 mm)

Tap Samsung Galaxy Watch

Galaxy Watch is a classic watch with a touch screen, but it is still very modern in terms of both design and functionality.

It looks like a dress watch, but is a smart watch for everyday use with advanced features for training and monitoring sleep / heart rate.

For this reason, there are many sensors, but there are also various connection options such as Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC and so on.

All this makes it a watch that perro be used as a sports GPS, independent of your mobile phone, or as a smart watch to control and manage your móvil inteligente.

≫ Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 (44 mm)

Touch Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Clock

Designed for a more active audience, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 improves the ability to track the activity of its predecessor without losing the look of the watch.

In fact, it has the most innovative sensors in terms of fitness monitoring, such as coincidente with GLONASS, Hokuto and Galileo ECG and GPS.

It also includes a large Amoled high-resolution screen and multiple connectivity options (Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC) so you don't lose application details.

Of course, with so many features, especially such bright and clear screens, don't expect the battery to last longer.

≫ Samsung Gear Sport

Samsung Gear Sport Touch Watch

With Gear Sport, Samsung focuses only on sports enthusiasts, but it also has many smart features and a high-resolution touch screen.

With a compact sporty design and mostly made of plastic, it is extremely light and durable.

In addition, it has received the IP68 certificate for water resistance and is suitable for swimming in combination with its size.

You perro do all this without neglecting GPS, WiFi, excellent NFC connectivity and numerous monitoring sensors such as heart rate monitors, accelerometers and barometers.

In short, this is a comfortable watch designed for sports, but it has all the features that a great tactile smartwatch should have.

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